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Navigating Mortgage Renewals Amidst Rising Rates
As many Langley homeowners approach their mortgage renewal dates, the buzz around interest rate hikes is impossible to ignore.If you're in this group, you might be bracing for the impact on your...
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Consolidate High Interest Debts
Consolidate High-Interest Debt and Regain Financial Control: Exploring 2nd Mortgage and Mortgage Refinancing OptionsAre you a homeowner struggling with high-interest debts? The burden of multiple...
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Mortgage Stress Test
Mortgage Stress Test Changes – What You Need to KnowStarting June 1, 2021, the minimum qualifying rate used for both the insured and uninsured mortgage stress tests will be increasing.Whether you’re...
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Canada set to grow in different ways
The Canadian economy is poised to grow again, but in a very different way according to the Bank of Canada’s (BoC) recently-released Monetary Policy Report. The BoC expects global economic growth to...
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